Have you ever gone walking through a forest and felt as though you saw a glimmer of something strange? Driving down the road and could have sworn that section of road should have lasted a few more seconds? Welcome to Twin Brooks, Washington. You won't find us on any map, nor can you just stumble across us whilst on a hike. To get here, you need magic. Now, don't get me wrong, quite a few of our little ol' town are “Normies,” but the rest-- myself included, mind you-- are anything but normal. But don't let that trouble you folk, alright?

  • May. 5 Please remember to join the discord it will be our main chat in the upcoming year and dropping premium Cbox.
  • May. 5 Time and Space threads will be closing the 25th of this month please try and finish threads in them before this time.
  • May. 5 Weather Widget has been added for some fun dynamics for the site, for anyone who wanted to know what the weather is like in TB. Widget did cause the screen to stretch a bit so we decided to stretch the updates this may change later.

Twin Brooks Weekly Forecast
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Member List
Name Level Group Joined Posts Photo
Abbott Shin Arc 8-April 18 25
Agni Validating 8-April 18 0
Audrey Pond Merfolk 11-October 17 27
Avis Admin 13-August 17 15
Bram Sayer Arc 22-October 17 0
Brooklyn Collins Arc 16-September 17 37
Cait ♟Member 5-May 18 0
Calix Holt Nephilim 16-September 17 79
Carl Winthrope Validating 8-December 17 0
Chesmess ♟Member 25-May 18 0
Cillian Stroth Normie 15-September 17 182
Codeboijayce Validating 28-June 18 0
Cosmo ♟Member 28-April 18 0
Damien Averis Lilin 16-September 17 49
Daniel Morrison Vampire 16-September 17 19
Denalia Shadebane Arc 3-October 17 14
Diana Blackstick Faerie 15-September 17 39
Dorian Driscoll Faerie 27-October 17 0
Drago Xena Validating 28-June 18 0
Emma O'brien Werecreature 17-September 17 107
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