Have you ever gone walking through a forest and felt as though you saw a glimmer of something strange? Driving down the road and could have sworn that section of road should have lasted a few more seconds? Welcome to Twin Brooks, Washington. You won't find us on any map, nor can you just stumble across us whilst on a hike. To get here, you need magic. Now, don't get me wrong, quite a few of our little ol' town are “Normies,” but the rest-- myself included, mind you-- are anything but normal. But don't let that trouble you folk, alright?

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 Yareli Stroth - Reed
 Posted on: Sep 16 2017, 09:32 AM
Yareli Stroth-Reed \\
G: 3
Awards: 1

Yareli Briar Stroth-Reed
September 8
Werecreature (Werecanine)
Student (9th Grade)
Face Claim
Marina Nery
Played By
Yareli is what one would call a "wild child," mostly because she was practically feral for the first several years of her life, but that's besides the point. She is filled with almost boundless energy, always ready to go do something or meet someone new. She is fiercely loyal and protective of her family and those she cares about. Once Yareli is your friend, she's a friend for life, unless you do something absolutely terrible, of course. She is easliy distracted and hates sitting still. While she is comfortable in her human shape, she much prefers to be in her beast form (a mongrel looking canine form with wild, curly hair). Yareli has a bit of a temper, especially during the week leading up to the full moon. Her social nature makes it hard for her to be alone, so she can come off as a bit clingy to those she first meets.

Likes: sports (especially soccer), being outside, being in her beast form, eating, her family, meeting new people
Dislikes: wearing shoes (or clothes in general), how itchy her skin is after shifting, sour foods, scary movies, being alone, school, sitting still, fruit and vegetables
Hobbies: soccer, hiking, traveling, harassing neighborhood dogs while in her beast form
Yareli doesn't really know who her birth parents are, or even if she was born the way she is, or if she was made this way. She's been a werecreature for as long as she can remember, though, so she doesn't question it. She lived alone in the forest for a large portion of her early life, spending most of her time in her beast form and hanging around with packs of feral dogs in the area. She was found on a new moon when she was forced back into her human shape, and taken to an orphanage. Here, she met Konane, the boy that would soon become like a brother to her. Together, they both fled from the orphanage and returned to the wild where they stayed together until they were found by Kobie Reed and Cillian Stroth. While hostile and aggressive towards the two men at first, Yareli soon became very attached to them. She's been with them for a couple years now, and they have now moved to Twin Brooks so that she and Konane can have "normal lives," whatever that means...
How did you find us?
I live here.

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