Have you ever gone walking through a forest and felt as though you saw a glimmer of something strange? Driving down the road and could have sworn that section of road should have lasted a few more seconds? Welcome to Twin Brooks, Washington. You won't find us on any map, nor can you just stumble across us whilst on a hike. To get here, you need magic. Now, don't get me wrong, quite a few of our little ol' town are “Normies,” but the rest-- myself included, mind you-- are anything but normal. But don't let that trouble you folk, alright?

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 Damien Averis
 Posted on: Sep 16 2017, 02:05 PM
Damien Averis \\
G: 3
Awards: None

Damien Lance Averis
October 29
Lilin (Incubus)
Panromantic asexual
Part-time librarian assistant
Face Claim
Logan Lerman
Played By
Damien is a shy boy with a heart of gold despite his upbringing. He has always made it a point to be kind to all, but will stand up for himself in times when it is absolutely necessary. He may seem like a timid pushover, but most can be mistaken when it comes to him showing off his bravery at the rarest of times. He's trying really hard to learn to stand up for himself, especially when it comes to his family.

Hobbies: Creative writing, cooking, stargazing, and playing the violin.
Likes: Any kind of food, cats, poetry, rainy days, and relaxing afternoons.
Dislikes: His brothers (mainly Braen), his father, scary movies, sports, and getting yelled at.
Mental Disorder(s): C-PTSD and generalized anxiety disorder.
Phobia(s): Algophobia [Pain], hemophobia [Blood], and herpetophobia [Snakes].
Illness(es): Severe motion sickness.
Allergies: None.
Damien once lived in Olympia, Washington before moving out on his own--technically running away from his family--to Twin Brooks.

As a child, he had grown up in a very physically and mentally abusive family. His father basically ignored his existence while his seven half-brothers and his own twin made sure that every day that he lived in the Kaster household was a living nightmare. He had tried to run away many times, but his father, which only acknowledged him at these certain times, sent out his brothers to bring him back home. Braen, his twin, and Astaroth, his eldest half-brother, were usually the ones to find him before he could make it out of town. During all this he had never known the love of a mother, having died while giving birth to him and Braen, and had only one friend, an orange tabby named Amber.

Once turning seventeen, he packed up his things and left his childhood home and began his journey to Twin Brooks. The town his mother had grown up in, which was the only haven from his monstrous family.

Living on his own has been tough on him, having to take on a part-time job at the library while still going to school at Twin Brooks Highschool. He tries to do the best with his new life, just getting by on the money he makes through his job and his meager inheritance money.
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